In West Virginia


Barber shops close on Mondays.
Pepperoni baked in yeast rolls is lunch.

Yellow lighters are unlucky
like dead canaries in coal mines.

To make it rain, turn a snake belly up.
Roadways twine over hills beside rivers.

Hills feed rivers that flow into hollows.
Deer and groundhog live next door to squirrels.

The end of prohibition commodified moonshine;
now it’s grain alcohol flavored with sugar.

Michelle Fincham is a name you should know.
Before Memorial Day, don’t go barefoot.

Bury your hair after it’s been cut.
Don’t forget Blair Mountain or Harper’s Ferry.

Don’t forget #55strong.
Like Grandma said,

If it’s in the cat, it’s in the kitten.
Go Mountaineers! is the state song.

Welcome to wild and wonderful.
Sometimes, the hardware store goes fishing.