An Introduction to “Love Lets Us Down”

Love Lets Us Down is a humorous novel about broken hearts and doomed love. For a single day, newlywed ghosts haunt a room in an aging hotel, the Meridian Inn. On the day that the ghosts arrive, a variety of other characters, employees and guests, inhabit the hotel, whose public spaces–the lobby, the pool area, the parking lot–provide the context for a wide range of characters to interact. The characters’ individual stories include: an unfaithful wife, an unfaithful husband, a runaway girl, a broken engagement, divorce, and unrequited love. If there is a hero in the novel, it might be the night supervisor, Duncan, whose bitterness and sarcasm veil a subjectivity compelled to assess and reflect, and to become involved in the concerns of other people.

Still, in the end, Duncan doesn’t get his dream girl. He’s no longer certain that he wants her. The unfaithful wife leaves to drive home. The broken engagement remains at an impasse. The missing girl is returned to her family. Other characters settle down for the night. The newlywed ghosts have outstayed their welcome; their escorting “angels” arrive. The novel ends with a movement toward an elastic afterlife that is led by eternal, if unconsummated, “marriage.”

Love Lets Us Down is available on Amazon and Kindle.


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